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  • Junior and Senior Guns with plastic control handle are available in brass or aluminum. Spray weeds, cattle, parlors, trees and farm equipment to 900 PSI. (Aluminum Guns to 400 PSI)

  • One rotation of handle fully controls adjustable spray characteristic from closed - to decreasing cone spray - to straight stream of maximum flow and throw up to 60 feet.

Senior Guns are the model of the industry; long and rugged - capable of the various demanding agricultural spray chores in and out of the tractor seat. Junior Guns are shorter and lighter - easily handled. Ideal for low capacity estate sprayers and white washers.


  • 22" Super Jet Trigger Gun

  • 13"Super Jet Trigger Gun

Super-Jet Trigger Guns provide a pattern from hollow cone to straight stream. Shutoff at the nozzle allows dripless operation for making these guns ideal for use with popular burnout chemicals. The 13" Super-Jet is popular with ATV operators and estate sprayers.

  • Hamilton Spray Lance

  • Telescoping Hand Wand

Nylon Spray Lance and Telescoping Spray Gun are lightweight spray guns designed for use with backpack, tank, or other low pressure sprayers.

  • Pistol Grip 1300-2

Pistol Grip Guns complements any low pressure sprayer for its simplicity and ease of handling. Finer adjustment control with 3 revolutions of handle.

  • One handle rotation controls spray characteristic desired from closed-to decreasing cone-to straight stream of maximum flow and throw up to 60'

  • Spray pattern is not disturbed by the on-off operation

  • Comfortable, full grip with 6" long lever. Moves only 1" to open, then locks

Trigger/Excell Guns for fast intermittent spraying of shrubs, cattle, orchards, fence rows or farm equipment to 900 PSI (Aluminum Gun to 400 PSI)

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